Home Inspection

A home inspection is a point by point investigation of the state of a property and each of its working systems. The inspection incorporates basic components: foundation, structure, roof and systems including heat, plumbing, electrical and cooling.

Commercial Inspection

The commercial inspection has a scope of work that can be developed and agreed by the inspector and his client depending on the budget, time,  purpose of the inspection and the risk tolerance of the client. The inspection consists of: research, walk through survey and report.

Radon Inspection

The process of capturing and measuring radon decay product is also considered to be part of a radon inspection. This professional service is carried by our certified and licensed inspectors and it  will help you understand if and why is necessary to mitigate this deadly gas.

Wood Destroying Insects (Termite)

If the insects are out there in that property that you posses or you want to buy we ill find them. This inspection service will also tell you if the property had been previously treated for termites and if is necessary to repeat the treatment. We provide the NPMA 33 from required for real estate transactions.

Mold Inspection

Along side the air sampling we also take swab and tape samples form mold that can be detected visually. Our partner laboratory will analysis and detect if and what type of mold is present in your home. Our main concern is to find the source of moisture that will feed the mold growth.

Additional Services

The only way to know more about the property is to inspect it!