Mold Inspection

What Is It And From Where Does It Come?

Molds are such organisms that can neither be classified as plants nor animals. Rather they are the species which belong to the kingdom of Fungus. Like any plant, mold does not produce its energy using sunlight and through the process of photosynthesis but they grow by digesting whatever they are growing on and around them.
In most cases mold usually comes by breaking down the decaying organic matter such as leaves, dead plants and animals and start growing and spreading in and around it.
Mold is something that surely does not need to be taken lightly in any way. The very well-known fungus comes to life because of excessive moisture or after water damage. These two factors play a vital role in helping them breed.

How Does Mold Affect Life?

The reason why all of the government organization warns against mold is that it play a vital role in implicating a serious health hazard. They are known to produce multiple kinds of respiratory problems. And this certainly is not the only thing as they also help in instigating different allergic reactions such as fever, red eyes, watery eyes, rashes, runny nose and sneezing to name a few. These symptoms if not caught in the beginning can lead to serious health conditions. So, it is highly emphasized to take immediate action if you think your home or office has become the victim of mold.
If you suspect that there could be mold or mold spores breathing around your premises, then you need to act quickly and might want to call Lion Inspections because we with our extensive knowledge and state of the art equipment are in line to provide you with optimum mold removal service.
Lion Inspections along with many other services also specializes in mold testing and inspections. This also leads to air testing which more or less is associated with mold. We offer a range of services that suits each of our clients in homeowners and buyers and other business personals who want to inspect their premises for any potential mold.

Testing For Mold

In order to discover if the property you are living in has got mold around it, we will start with the help of visual assessment. As moisture serves the cause of mold, we will also be inspecting it along with humidity that prevails in the inner part of your home. In order to help us with locating moisture, we will also make use of thermal imagining camera that will reveal the hidden story of moisture in your home’s structure. After gathering all of the samples, we will have it tested by the certified laboratory for any footprint of mold.

The Report

The samples collected form the property are received and analyzed by our partner laboratory they will give us the results of they findings.

The report will contain:

  • interpretation of each sample collected by our mold inspector,
  • the location of the collection for individual samples,
  • the type of particle identification( mold , poles, insect),
  • the numbers of spores found,
  • the number of spores related to the volume of air tested ( in %),
  • an interpretation guide to help make a decision based on the findings

After receiving the report from the laboratory, we gather up all of the information we have along with all of the traces that we located during our inspection and send it to you in the form of a compiled report.


The Remedy

Based on the results, we will give you suggestion and tips on how and what could you do in order to get rid of all of the molds in your home or office. We ourselves, do not treat for mold but guide you to the route that will.

Different Types Of Mold

There are several kinds of mold that exist in the world and even within their own specie, they vary differently. Here we are going to discuss about those molds that are very common for the household:


This type of mold is very common in the households and generally possess the hazard class B or C which mostly depends on its specie. They are generally found on the walls or the insulation system or the walls. They usually help to trigger allergic reactions in a human body in most cases.


It is another one that is found in the households quite often. It can have different colors such as black, grey, brown or yellow. They generally poses a threat of hazard A or B again depending on their specie. It can easily cause infection to people who have weak immune system and in other cases cause toxins. It usually grows on paper, soil, walls, clothing, insulations and other places.


The most common places to find these kind of molds are insulation, sheetrock and drywalls. But that does not mean it cannot grow in any other place. They come in white, brown and grey color and possess a hazard of class A, B and C.


The most common places to find these kind of molds are insulation, sheetrock and drywalls. But that does not mean it cannot grow in any other place. They come in white, brown and grey color and possess a hazard of class A, B and C.

Mold spores are a serious thereat  to the home and to you and your family. Is better to discover mold in time so you can remediate the  damaged surface and protect your family from becoming ill.