Commercial Inspection

Business or Commercial inspections are in one way similar to a home inspection only are done at a larger scale. The objective of this inspection is to enhance the client’s knowledge about the property and to help in the decision of buying, selling or maintaining/improving the property.

The commercial inspection is a type of inspection in which the inspector and the client can develop and agree  to  a specific scope of work  based on budget, time, purpose of inspection and risk tolerance of the client.

So, are you ready to open your business? Why not take let us come and take a quick sneak peek at it? Who knows, we might be able to save you a lot of hard cash in the long term!

What Is Commercial Inspection?

A commercial inspection is an inspection carried out by certified inspectors for all the visible areas of the workplace. This inspection tends to give you an idea on how suitable the workplace is for the business that you have chosen to go along with it.

How Does It Help You?

With commercial inspections, you tend to improve your chances of making big numbers in profit rather than small because these inspections guide you regarding your workplace and would it suit you needs or not!

How Do We Carry It Out?

The commercial inspection is carried by our certified inspectors through the use of high tech equipment. The inspector first of all finds gets the general assessment of the property condition. Later, he moves to find out the strengths, weaknesses and the risks that are associated with the site. After getting done with this, the inspector will move on to evaluate every mechanical and structural system accessible in the property. Coming towards the end, the inspector will make assessment for  the maintenance that will be needed to carry on with the business.

What About The Report?

The report of the inspector would entail all of the information regarding the functionality of the equipment, mechanical system, and overall structure and will suggest if they need any makeover whatsoever. Furthermore, the report would also describe any problem(s) that might arise later due to the use of any broken appliance(s).
The commercial report will prioritize the suggestion according to their needs. There would be a section which would recommend the measures that are “absolutely necessary” while there would also be a section that would be “nice and beneficial” for long term business.